Hope you like the stars I've stole for you <3


14, any pronouns, genderfluid, unlabeled


general: weather, history, music, geography, poetry, writing, drawing, video essays

bands: pierce the veil, my chemical romance, sleeping with sirens, fall out boy thursday, taking back sunday, ice nine kills, system of a down, pre split panic! 

movies and shows: the office, bluelock, scream, scott pilgrim vs the world, the big lebowski, death note, cowboy bebop, stormchasers 


I Don't Care If You're Contagious

Pierce The Veil


Pierce The Veil

The Boy Who Could Fly

Pierce The Veil


Pierce The Veil

byi: I keyboard spam, I swear, I use tone tags, I don't make sexual jokes that often but I'm fine with them, I mainly only talk about music, and I have horrible social anxiety so I barely ever interact first.

dni: basic dni. above 18, below 12. people who  make fun of/harass emo/scene people. 

Bury me in a bedroom where I, I can sing you to sleep all night

Now as the rain falls like shattered pieces of glass from the sky

Pinterest: piercethechemical

Spotify: so close! that is a shape 💕

Spacehey: thnks4thvnm

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